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Working for an October release!

So I'm still in the final stages of editing the second volume to the Carnalli brothers series "Chronic Carnalli Complex", which will be available on Amazon in late Oct/ Early Nov (at the very latest). Assuming all goes well, I hope to have it available sooner! I'll update everyone as soon as I have a solid release date.

Also, I've been getting a lot of inquiries about a third installment. Yes, I am planning to release book three sometime next year. But no dates on that yet. I just want to focus on the second for now, which will be including "Carnalli Crisis"- a short side story about Cobryn, Connor and Quentin told from Cobryn's point of view.

To all my subscribers: Keep an eye on your inbox as well! There's going to be something special in it that I won't be sharing anywhere else. (*hint: I shared it on my Facebook page.)

And thank you to everyone for all the love and support! I know I'm not on my social media accounts as often as I'd like to be but I'm trying! *laugh*

Look for it on Amazon this fall!
Final book cover

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